This lovely old cottage is situated in a small, charming village called Tvetaryd; a village entirely without modern architecture. The house is set back from the road and the rest of the village, in a secluded and relaxing location.

The house has a large garden with stone walls, and is surrounded by beech forest. The garden is very child-friendly and can offer activities such as football and badminton.

Here is a video of the cottage and its surroundings.

Inside the house, you will find a well preserved interior in the traditional Swedish style, along with the comforts of modern life, such as a TV and DVD-player.

A modern stove, fridge/freezer, dishwasher, washing machine, coffee maker etc, are all included. Unusually for small houses on the countryside, a large water heater can without problem accommodate the showering and washing needs of a whole family. A vented and smell-free incinerating toilet is installed.

In total there are 6 beds and one pull-out sofa. There are 2 larger beds in a separate bedroom, 4 beds in bunk beds, and the pull-out sofa in the living room.

The prices for 2015 are as follows:

High season: June 5 – August 13. Price: 5,000 SEK/week, 814 SEK/day

Middle season: May 8 – June 4, and August 14 – September 12. Price: 4,300
SEK/week, 700/day

Low season: all other dates. Price: 3,850 SEK/week, 633 SEK/day

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